We answered listener questions about the year 2013 - about bikes, transportation wonkery, Bike Snob, the podcast, and even particle physics. [Produced at Sprocket Studios, music "Joe Metro" by Blue Scholars and "Questions" by Emmanuel Hudson.

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Since 2006, Portland has been trying to get a public bike share program. Despite federal money secured, it still doesn't exist. Why don't we have it yet? Will we ever?

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An entire episode devoted the safety, economics, and fun of riding bikes on rural roads. How can we support it? How can we make it safe?

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Lillian and Michael talk about the future of bicycle-based retail development, how to create affordable bike-friendly housing, and if bicycle infrastructure raises your rent.

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Talking about something that kills an Oregonian every day - our roads. How much death on our roadways is expected? Acceptable? Should the media cover every roadway death?

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We celebrate the merging of BikePortland.org and Portland Afoot with talk about the death of a bridge, new faces at the City and law-abiding cyclists. [Leon Rosselson- "They're Going to Build a Motorway"]

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The Unbearable Complacency of Portland

Michael and Lily opinionate on Portland's bike complacency, the Campaign for a Fare Transfer to extend TriMet's transfer times, and the ingredients for successful transit advocacy. [Intro Music: Light Rail by Jeremy Messersmith]

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Mobile App Edition ft. Alexis Grant.m4a

With Portland Afoot's mobile app expert reviewer Alexis Grant, we look at what makes a great transit app. We discuss TransitSherpa (TriMet's forthcoming ticket app), Uber, Lyft, Car2Go, Zipcar, and our wishlist of future apps.

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With special guest Joseph Rose of the Oregonian Hard Drive blog, we update you on sleepy TriMet drivers, the Columbia River Crossing, and Portland's biggest bike move ever. 

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We start off 2013 with an in-depth discussion of local politics with guest Jonathan Maus of the essential BikePortland.org. Covering the Portland city hall changeover, sleepy TriMet drivers, and the acquisition of carsharing service Zipcar by rental g

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