We welcome planning commissioner Chris Smith for a (surprisingly?) riveting  talk about Portland's comprehensive plan and how citizens can change the future of the city by helping sprinkle "magic density planning commission fairy dust". Also: getting arou

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Your low-car and transit guide to the local candidates in the November 2012 Portland election, featuring Portland Afoot election master Aaron Brown. Also, Justin Beiber references.

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This month, Michael and Lily team up with the Sprocket podcast for a crossover episode. Mixing the beer-fueled looseness of Portland's favorite bike podcasters with the wonky Portland Afoot commentary ensures that SOMETHING interesting will result in this supersized episode.

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Michael and Lily ask and answer some age-old questions, such as "Why not turn street parking spots into cafes?", "Can you be too bad of a driver to be Mayor?" and "How do I get free pizza and beer for biking to work?" Discussion of the Bike Commute Challenge, Jefferson Smith's abysmal driving record, and the new Street Seats program.  [Intro/Outro Song: LDN by Lily Allen]

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Portland Afoot - Technology Episode

The technology episode! We're joined by Bicycle Transportation Alliance Executive Director Rob Sadowsky to talk (and argue) about bikesharing, self-driving cars, and buying TriMet fare with your phone. All while drinking the first-ever batch of "Transportinis."

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Portland Afoot Podcast- Epic Pedalpalooza Edition

We discuss the history of pedalpalooza with the infamous Ken Southerland and Timo Forsberg. Also, how to get to Seattle for 7$, the top 5 small ways Europe is more walkable than the US, and the wonderful mini bike summer song by Trash Mountain Boys.

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Portland Afoot- Portland Voting Guide and Commuting Cats

This month on Portland Afoot's monthly transit podcast we discuss the low-car politics of Portland's local elections, getting your employer to pay for your transit pass, and Casper the Commuting Cat. And the requisite Sleater-Kinney reference. [Intro Music: The Bus Stop by The Hollies]

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Portland Afoot Podcast- European Report

This month's podcast gives the update from Europe's most famous carfree city, discusses the benefits of point-to-point carsharing, solves TriMet's budget crises with poetry charges and stripper MAXes and discusses beer as Portland's next pedestrian innovation.

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Portland Afoot - Berlin Episode

On this episode, we talk about Berlin- all about the bicycles, bahns, and buses over in Germany's "poor but sexy" city. Oh yea, we also talk about TriMet's proposed budget cuts and renting out your driveway.

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