Portland Afoot - Money Episode

This month's Money episode makes budgets exciting. We talk about TriMet's sweet balance-the-budget tool (and it's not-so-sweet proposed cuts), the city of Portland's transportation cuts and Getaround, the peer-to-peer carsharing service which is coming to Portland.

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This month's podcast features twitter transit celebrity Dr. Jeff Guardalabene. We discuss his holiday transit fare project to get TriMet tickets to those in need, why some TriMet drivers clearly need counseling, and where to see people doing prison chin-ups on the MAX. 

One of the best parts of this episode is the intro music, "On the Bus (No. 1 Bus)" by Sue Palmer & Joff Winterhart with musician Simon Roberts, all about riding the bus in the OTHER Portland (no, not that one, the one in England.)

Enjoy your holiday!

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Portland Afoot's monthly dose of low-car and transit news goes multimodal this month, in honor of TriMet's new Regional Trip Planner. Michael and Lillian discuss Trimet's Bike N Rides, the hassle of a full MAX car, and debate whether bikes are good for TriMet at all.

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Portland Afoot's monthly dose of low-car news shares news from Guadalajara, Mexico's Carfree Cities Conference, of citizen activists creating their own bike share system, teenagers leading 70-person bike trains to school, and a group that wants transit to be free.

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Portland Afoot's monthly dose of transit news discusses the impending death of the Free Rail Zone for streetcar, LIFT fare increases, the new carfree plaza on Ankeny street, and, of course, TriMet tweets.

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Portland Afoot Podcast- Episode 1

Portland Afoot's monthly dose of transit news involves crosstown races, bus germs, Amtrak tips, unexpected flights, and old men in ladies' swimsuits.

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